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The Gear Seabastian

Who They Are


In the summer of 2015, the band began planning a new project. The project was a full length album. The name of the album was to be known as “Paint”. The album was crafted on the concept of being born as a blank canvas. Then as you would develop the meaning to your existence, more layers of colours and textures would be added to the canvas. Therefore, the concept “Paint” is an abstract representation of life.


What would be amazing about the journey of this album, was that Andrew Tkach would take all of his knowledge and skills of recording and mixing and push himself to record and mix the new album in the band’s basement studio. Andrew also used the skills and knowledge acquired from the mix sessions of “Hopeful Horizon” with engineer and producer Paul Smith to help record the album. The most important part of the journey, was the fact the band pushed themselves creatively and musically during production. The band spent countless long hours recording takes and pushed themselves harder than they’ve ever been pushed before.


“Paint” was released December 1st, 2017 at the Mercury Room in Edmonton, Alberta. The band continues to play shows in the Edmonton and surrounding area throughout 2018.


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