By Matthew Coyte


The Gear Seabastian are an indie folk trio formed by the Tkach brothers alongside their friend Jeremy Pudlowski. Hopeful Horizon will be their second full-length LP, following their self-produced acoustic debut Unfinished Design.

The entirety of Hopeful Horizon can be summed up in the title itself. Every song on this record glistens with the hope of a better tomorrow while persevering through the pain of today. Smooth acoustic guitar ripples through while beautiful piano riffs sail sleekly throughout. Dashes of heavy electric guitar are added to the mix like a strike of lightning to your eardrums. Each track tiptoes an emotive line; despair on one side and promise on the other. Ultimately each song ends with a victory, a win against the darkness that can sometimes engulf us.

…Horizon comes to a close with the victorious wail of “Somehow I Still Believe,” a guitar solo laden track that takes the listener to a brighter, more colourful world. All told, each song off the album (especially the lead single “Dusk”) would fit nicely into the end credits of a movie that chronicles an emotional journey, ultimately completing with a happy ending. There is indeed a Hopeful Horizon for this trio of indie dreamers.


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